sâmbătă, 18 aprilie 2015

Massage - art or Relax ?

Massage is an art for someone for others a method relxare for others therapeutic effect and to increasingly more people ...
Erotic massage has a significance which is not a hard thing to understand, considering that massage involves touching, caressing, presses and all how actin with incentive / excite skin. 

In Bucharest we have not seen before places to provide such artistic massages and even the famous massage tainalndez (attention - I do not mean a type of massage, Thai massage but the clascul, became very popular in western countries). Practically all ... Bucharest as Romania is very returned a city in terms of massage and the adoption of this kind of culture, or is it more about Passover rejection "touch"as non-sexual element, but this risk to get into discussions that I do not understand them as well.
However ... this story with massage erotic comes somewhat as a shock if you are doing an internet search and try to discover what massage parlors exist Bucharest, which offers such services as masseuses or maseorii - practical problem is that the city is full of centers that deals with massage, which
is not necessarily a bad thing (erotic massage there even before the existence of the Romans and is an absolutely normal practice), but this kind of service somehow became extremely popular in comparison to specialized massages Indian, Thai, Chinese and other special styles to achieve a state of relaxation.

Eventually, after several searches on Google and Yahoo I found almost all kinds of massage, erotic massage in Bucharest but is the most popular search form including the internet, so it is somewhat normal to not be so many salons Thailand.

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